Michal Geva

Social Engineering

Services December 26, 2007

Planning Stage

  • Product specification with emphasis on viral elements.
  • Positioning and highlighting the product’s exclusive features.
  • Characterizing prospective target audiences.
  • Mapping out the needs met by the product.

Launching Stage

  • Viral marketing and use of social media to generate buzz and awareness.
  • Locating influentials: identifying, nurturing and empowering opinion leaders.
  • Creating special-purpose communities: social networks and wiki tools directed at a target audience.
  • Planning and kick off of alpha and beta plans: testing the product among the target audiences and analyzing feedback.

Maintenance Stage

  • Maintaining the communities on an ongoing basis: content and management.
  • Motivating members to manage community activities on their own.
  • Strengthening ties between community members by means of visual elements, rituals and symbols.


  • Business development: creating collaborations with various entities to leverage the product.
  • Public Relations: dispatching PR messages to key persons.
  • Raising capital: forging and managing ties with investors.

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